My 3 short films: one complete, one in post, one in pre-production

Currently, I only have 1 film out there in the wild, Please Open A Door For Me. And that film still has yet to be released online.

My co-director, Brandon A. Buczek, and I are considering releasing it in April 2021 for National Poetry Month, but there are several decisions we have to make since we can’t do local screenings and we may want to monetize it to some degree.

When we made Please Open A Door For Me, it was based on an existing poem. We storyboarded and had a very thorough plan with a heavily-organized shooting schedule. There were several months of pre-production and post-production involved.

My current film project that’s in post takes an opposite approach. I knew I wanted to make another poetry film, but I didn’t have a particular poem in mind. I decided that this time I would write the poem after filming it, and see how that would alter the process.

I went up to Williams, OR, a tiny and remote area about an hour outside Ashland. There are gorgeous and lush forests there, and I happened to arrive on a gloriously foggy weekend which gave the shots this beautiful depth.

Here’s an unedited sample of what the scenery was like.

So far, I’ve found it pretty challenging to write a poem that springs from visual material. I don’t typically write that way, but I have before—here’s one extremely lo-fi example: I recorded my poetry and some background music by Geotic over this iPhone video I made during a workshop with Andrea Rexilius.

I was transcribing poems from my notebooks earlier this week, and I stumbled upon one that might be a good fit for this project. We’ll see if it makes the cut or if I decide to write a new one.

After I finalize the poem, I’ll hope the stars align so that I can record a voice-over with Nikita in person using my partner’s recording equipment at our home in Berkeley.

This project was a big step for me reasons I’ll likely detail in a future post.

My next project is going to be an autobiographical documentary that will be generated from a workshop I’m taking at the Echo Park Film Center this winter. Documentary scares the shit out of me, especially if the topic is myself. That’s just more reason to do it.

I’ll likely have a final cut (or at least a rough cut) completed early this spring, mostly due to the workshop schedule.

I’m looking forward to sharing more updates about these projects here.